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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ch. 1-2 Slaughter House Five Notes

    As the first chapter begins you can see that the author is talking about himself and is the narrator. This makes this story so much different then any other book. The story starts out about him talking about the Dresden fire bombings. They raise money and go there to re-visit the place they were held captive in during the war in hope to spark enough emotion or information to write a book. He is pretty much telling us the story of how he wrote about the war that he was in and what he had to do. Its really breaking the fourth wall and giving a different perception on the book.

    In chapter 2 Billy Pilgrim is introduced and its all about him. While in war Billy can get un-stuck in time and relive a past moment or future one. This chapter to me is even more strange then the first because the way he refers to getting un-stuck in time. I think this is partly to show the affect of war on a person and how they can feel when they're in middle of a hell hole. Being a POW like Vonnegut was could cause you to think differently or act changed because of the things they experienced. I think Billy Pilgrim is there to capture that aspect of the war 

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