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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Derby Reportage

1.) In this story the reporter seems to be writing really fast but still capturing a good image of the race. The way it was going I didn't think that the horse was going to fall and trio the others. Overall this writer uses good vocabulary and good description of the race. Tone is exciting and the diction he uses makes you have a clear picture of the race.

2.)This article was more about one person in general Diane Crump who was the first women jockey. She fought to become a jockey and had a good career. She eventually retired and started breeding and training horses professionally.

3.) When you read all these articles and then you get to Hunter S. Thompson's you have a completely different view of journalism. He talks about the things happening, the setting, peoples expressions and other things like himself! Your never supposed to address yourself in journalism but he broke the law and did it anyway.     

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