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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Short Story Remix

I don't very much like the idea of trying to recreate what one person has already done so I'm going to explain the meaning of The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald wrote this book to encompass a much larger idea then love itself even though it is a love story. He shows how in the 1920's a lot of people lost sight of what the American dream truly was. Gatsby throws all these huge parties not caring about money and in my eyes he has stopped dreaming completely. The only thing he didn't poses was Daisy and this is a direct example that money can't bring you happiness. With all the wealth that is in East Egg and West Egg the people really start to lose social connections with other people. I want to say the Fitzgerald very much wanted to be rich and that in the pursuit of happiness in life he figured out that money wasn't the key. His wife Zelda opened his eyes to this when she agreed to marry him then said no because he didn't have the money to support her. Zelda was very materialistic in my eyes and just wanted to party all the time but she had Fitzgerald's attention. This sets the central theme of the book which is to never stop dreaming and to not let your life me consumed by material things which was happening a lot during the 1920's.

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