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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vocabulary List #1

  1. Patronage- The support or encouragement of a patron
  2. Centrifuge- A spinning compartment that separates liquids.
  3. Leisure-use of free time or enjoyment.
  4. Vessel- A hollow container; a large boat
  5. Sieve-a thing used to strain solids from liquids.
  6. Cadence- A rhythmic balance such as poetry.
  7. Phonograph- A machine that reproduces sound from a disc.
  8. Saccharine- a sweet tasting synthetic compound.
  9. Dentifrice- a substance or powder used to brush teeth.
  10. Profusion-the state of being profuse;abundance
  11.  Delinquents- Young prone to commit crime.
  12. Gibbering-speaking rapidly and unclear.
  13. Insidious- Treacherous or deceitful.
  14. Strewn- scattered randomly.
  15. Praetorian- Of a high rank.
  16. Veiled-cover with a veil.
  17. Harlequin-A mute character in traditional pantomime.
  18. Toil- to work extremely hard.

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