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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vo-cab List #2

Spring Vocab #5

Brouhaha- over excited reaction to something
- There was a brouhaha at the new store opening.
Cloy- discussed or sickened
- Everyone was cloyed after getting food poisoned.
Demeanor-outward behavior
- Stealing is a demeanor.
Deference- humble submission or respect
- The students gave deference to the teacher.
Enigmatic- difficult to interpret or understand
- Sign language is enigmatic.
Definitive- conclusion
- We came up with a definitive answer.
Bumptious- proud to an irritating degree
- The straight A student was bumptious when bragging.
Choleric- bad tempered
- The teacher was choleric when the students didn't do their homework.
Bulwark- a defensive wall
- The shy girl didn't talk because she had up a bulwark.
Curtail- reduce in quantity
- When we ran out of clothes there was a huge curtail.
Adamant- refusing to be persuaded
- The girl was adamant about changing her mind.
Profligate- wasteful in use of resources
- The students were profligate with the tools the teacher gave them.
Mawkish- sentimental in a feeble or sickly way
- The couple was mawkish in the halls.
Thwart- preventing someone from accomplishing something
- The kid with no computer had a thwart.
Onus- used to refer to something that is ones duty or responsibility
- My job is my onus.
Requisite- made necessary by particular circumstances
- My job is my requisite for getting money.
Mollify- appease the anger or anxiety if someone
- My mom had to mollify my dog who got mad.
Sartorial- relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress
- Fashion these days are different from the sartorial in older days.
Presentiment- intuitive feeling about the future
- After I turned in the test I had a presentiment.
Impromptu- done without being planned , organized, or rehearsed
- A surprise is an impromptu.
Forbearance- formal patience or self control
- When teachers make me mad I have to have forbearance.
Remit- refrain from inflicting
- When two guys get in a fight girls have to remit.

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