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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vo-cab #9

  1. bosom-A woman's chest. She put the perfume between her bosom.
  2. prudently-wise or judicious in practical affairs.
  3. inveterate- settled or confirmed in a habit.
  4. propensity- a natural inclination or tendency.
  5. repose- to pose again. The photographer asked the model to repose for a picture.
  6. stripling- A youth. The old man told the little stripling to bug off.
  7. sequester- to remove or withdraw into solitude or retirement.
  8. apparation- 
  9. purport- to present.
  10. imbibed- to consume (liquids) by drinking. The alcoholic imbibed the alcohol.
  11. apparition- a supernatural appearance of a person or thing. I encountered an apparition at the old church
  12. incessant- continuing without interruption. The teacher was incessant with his lecture.
  13. cognomen- any name, especially a nickname. The football players had their cognomen on the roster
  14. reverie- a state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing.
  15. gambol- to skip about. The gilrs gamboled down the street.
  16.  spectre- a ghost. I saw a spectre at the haunted house.
  17. tarry- to remain or stay. The dog was very tarry.

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