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Monday, November 26, 2012

Rap Battle Essay

         As this battle begins Brown and Crane are backing up two types of writing that are really the opposite of each other. Crane is representing Romanticism which is the newest type of writing that is rising above rules and is really different from colonial writing. Brown being on the side of Colonial writing which is a more of a formal writing that goes by the rules more. The examples thy both give are strong but in the end Romanticism is the more interesting type of writing.

      As the battle starts Crane comes out to start with examples of the individual being introduced into the story in Moby-Dick."Call me Ishmael." This line was one of the first times a writer referred to a individual and it helped writers to rise above. It also helped the reader to have a different point of view then the narrator.  Brown comes in with an example from his own story which almost displays Romanticism in a earlier era."Such company, thou wouldst say," This example also shows colonial writing by being more formal and from an earlier time.

     This round Brown starts off the battle. He gives an example from the very early Colonial writing Earth on Turtles Back " it began to increase in size until it became what we today call Turtle Island (North America)" this showed how early writing used a lot of personification. Crane thinks for a minute before he comes out and says "what if everything we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." This may not make sense to most people but what Poe captures in this small amount of lines is almost ridiculous because he thought outside the box. 

     Crane loving being first with all confidence gives his final example of Romantic literature. He goes back to Dream Within A Dream "Yet if hope is flown away, in a night, or in a day,in a vision, or in none,is it therefore the less gone?" and shows Poe really thinking about things and rising above them. Brown comes out hoping to have one more strong example of Colonial writing. He chooses Richard Cory and says "Whenever Richard Cory went down town, We people on the pavement looked at him" Because most early writings could start out one way and end another way.



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