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Monday, August 27, 2012

Vocabulary List 2

1.) intercede-Intervene on behalf of another
2.) hackneyed-Lacking significance through having been overused.
3.) approbation- Approval or praise.
4.) innuendo-An allusive or oblique remark or hint, typically a suggestive or disparaging one coalition.
5.) elicit-Evoke or draw out (a response or fact) from someone by actions or questions.
6.) hiatus-A pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.
7.) assuage- Make a unpleasant feeling less intense.
8.) decadence-Moral or cultural decline, esp. after a peak of achievement.
9.) expostulate- Express strong disapproval or disagreement.
10.) simulate-Imitate the appearance or character of.
11.) jaded-Tired, bored, lacking enthusiasim, after having to much of something.
12.) umbrage- Offense or annoyance.
13.) prerogative- A right or privelage to a certain class.
14.) lurid- Very vivid in color as to create a unpleasently harsh way.
15.) transcend- Be or go beyond the limit of something.
16.) provincial-Of or concerning the province of a country.
17.) petulant- Sulky or bad-tempered.
18.) unctuous-(of a person) Excessively or ingratiatingly flattering; oily.
19.) meritorious-deserving thanks or praise.
20.) coalition-An alliance for combined action, especially a temporary alliance of political parties forming a government or of states.

1.) The lawyer interceded for his client.
2.) The lawn mower was hackeneyed from so much use.
3.) He was looking for approbation for what he did.
4.) The quote was an innuendo to him.
5.) The detective tried to elicit answers from the victim.
6.) There was a large hiatus during the play.
7.) Food helped to assuage his stress.
8.) There was a decadence in manners from the neighbors.
9.) Her parents expostulated her idea of staying at her friends.
10.) The game helped simulate the real thing.
11.) He was jaded from the same two movies.
12.) His remark was an umbrage to the mayor.
13.) The campsite was a prerogative to the soldier.
14.) The painting was very lurid with color.
15.) He hoped to transcend to success.
16.) The tax was provincial to both countries.
17.) She has a petulant attitude.
18.) The steak had an unctuous look to it.
19.) She always earned grades that were meritorious to her parents.
20.) The U.S. has a coalition with Russia.

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