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Sunday, August 19, 2012

                                              Assignment Number 1 
   This week has been very confusing but know that I've got the blogging thing down its really starting to complement what we are going to be learning this year. I think the way we can all communicate about homework assignments and vocabulary tests interesting. I like to hear other peoples prespective on the works we are going over so that I can see different aspects of the book and compare it to my own. Now if i think something is different or obscure in the readings I can just post a blog and have people comment on it and see what their veiw of it is. This might make the works really interesting because everyone can be working together just to break down a book and see whats really inside of it. It may seem hard at first but in the end this blog will be very helpful.

Extra Credit

    Like I said in my most recent post I want to learn how to break down a book and see what is really inside of it. When I found out about all of the blogging and how it works I realized this is the perfect way to break down a book. Everyone can talk about the book or work on Blogger and its super easy to see others opinions. I think that people may work better on a post because they have no fear on a keyboard they just type. Its really interesting to hear all the posts and comments and its going to really help me this year to understand these books.

Reflection on Week 1

1. In all honesty the only challenge I think I will face will be keeping up with all the posts. It shouldn't take me to long to find out how to work everything though so I think that I will be fine.

2. I think my best learning expeirence would have to of been in my 10th grade english class. I had a very smart teacher who really tested me and opened my eyes to the beauty of literature. He did that by showing me all the different types of books there are and how they're planned out to work. Its really interested me how a buildingsroman can be used in a lot of story and how you can see characters changing. This taught me to always look for that in characters of books just to get an almost better aspect of that person.

3. I think I am mostly excited about the blogging because its nothing that I have really ever done before. I'm really looking forward to anything and everything this year because it seems like a fun class that I will actually be able to learn from. I think that the blogging will help me really retain everything we learn this year and thats why I decided to stay in this class. I think this might be able to make a difference in my life also because I could very much as well use blogging in the future for some paticular reason that could help me.

Socratic Seminar

Thread 1- Do you agree with the "Right To Your Opinion"?
  At first there was a lot of silence almost like nobody wanna to shoe their own opinion. We had small talk about we thought an opinion came from and what it was. Then someone spoke up and said "I'm entitiled to be me and say what I want to say and be who I wanna be". This brought up who tries to sensor or strip you from your opinion even as an adult not just a child.

Thread 2- Earth On Turtles Back
   In this conversation some people focused on how the story was just a myth about how the earth was made. Others realized that it also shows how you dont have to be big, strong, and smart to accomplish things. The conversation then died out.

Thread 3- Technology and How People Communicate
   This was the most interesting argument to me because people spoke up. A lot of people talked about how technology does kind of control our world and a lot of us teenagers. I mean I'm in use of it 24/7 I think most others are too at some point in time. Then we got a little off subject on movies but it was a least converstion for a little while. We also talked about how eventhough we are still advanced in technology we can't communicate well. Some people also thought that technology was the reason we can't communicate well and that it made us less intelligent.

Thread 4- Didn't start 4th thread.

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